Looking for cheap AND healthy food options? With Nutrisystem, you get to have the best of both worlds!

Hello there! I am Sophie, a 42-yr old hairdresser from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Being a mother of two young boys and a full-time worker, taking care of my own health and body has been quite a hassle! Always looking for cheaper food options and choosing to order fast-food, I did save a few dollars but ended up gaining quite a lot of pounds. However, that changed when I discovered Nutrisystem. With great meal plans, reasonable prices and amazing Nutrisystem discount codes, I have found a perfect solution for eating healthy. Let me tell you more about it!

After feeling lethargic all the time during work and not being able to pay attention to my kids at home, I decided that something needed to be done about my unhealthy body immediately. The thought of going on a crash diet did cross my mind quite a few times but then having to work for 8 hours every day, that didn’t seem like a good idea. I spend the whole evening surfing the web and that’s when I stumbled upon Nutrisystem, a program that has allowed me to lose weight without having to go on a crazy diet plan. And the best part is that with its Nutrisystem discount codes, I don’t even need to worry about affordability!

Never did I expect losing weight to be so convenient!

After a long, tiring day of work, it is a great struggle for me to wake up the next day, make breakfast for my kids, send them off to school and on top of that, prepare a healthy lunch, breakfast, and dinner for me myself. With Nutrisystem, my mornings aren’t half as hectic as before. I love that I don’t have to stress about mixing the right quality and quantity of ingredients to prepare my meals anymore and that my delicious, healthy meals are delivered right to my doorstep. With such great price values and so many discount codes, Nutrisystem has made losing weight super easy!

Amazing Nutrisystem Results

Lose fat without losing all your money

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars and being victims of sham products and programs claiming to help you lose weight? I remember buying ridiculously expensive weight loss products after falling for false ads on social media and I remember buying expensive groceries and ingredients to eat healthy at home and spending more than $20 just to prepare one meal. Preparing an expensive, healthy meal at home might have been doable once or twice a week but I was really hesitant to spend so much money on a daily basis. After starting to use Nutrisystem, I’ve been able to save so much money while grocery shopping and I don’t even have the need to open the sham advertisements I see on the internet anymore. With six meals a day for around just $10 (or even less with Nutrisystem promo codes), I couldn’t have gone with a better program than Nutrisystem!

Why I prefer Nutrisystem over other diet programs

I feel that Nutrisystem is a perfect program for people like me who have a busy work schedule as well as a family to look after. I could have saved myself some money by having fast-food and just worked out in the gym downstairs for a couple of hours every day instead of joining Nutrisystem, but honestly, I don’t have enough time or energy for that. After coming home from work, I want to be able to spend some quality time with my kids and husband instead of forcing myself to run a few miles in the treadmill to burn a few calories. With the diet plan I have right now, I don’t need to stress about working out too much because I know that the food I am eating right now has the right mix of nutrients. It is definitely healthier than the soggy hamburger I used to have for lunch before and with Nutrisystem discount codes, perhaps cheaper too. Nowadays, all I need is 30 minutes of exercise per day and I am good to go!

Eat healthy without having to give up all your favorite meals and snacks

One of my favorite things about Nutrisystem is that it offers more than 150 different varieties of food and snacks to choose from and they are all so healthy and tasty in their own way. The fact that I don’t have to completely give up my carvings in order to lose weight is just amazing! I mean, who wouldn’t just love to enjoy a good portion of Chicken Alfredo or some chocolate chip cookies without having to worry about gaining weight or feeling unhealthy? It’s amazing that I can get a delicious snack for just under $2 using the Nutrisystem coupon codes I collect. I love the fact that all the meals are so low in carbs and sugar yet so enjoyable for my taste buds.

Something for everyone!

I assumed that Nutrisystem was not suitable for people who have gained excess weight due to medical conditions but when I contacted the customer service office, I learned that I was also suitable for diabetic patients seeking to lose weight.

After noticing a very satisfying and positive result in just a few months after starting my Nutrisystem program, I also recommended it to one of my colleagues at work who was also struggling with weight loss issues. Indeed I even offered her the latest Nutrisystem coupon codes (grab them from Debramoorhead.com) to help her start off! Being a diabetic person, she was hesitant to start the program at first but the amazing weight loss counselors assured from Nutrisystem assured her that they would make sure she was getting the right quality and portion of nutrients for her body. Today, she claims to feel a lot more healthy, happy, and confident with her body than she did a month ago.

Here are some pros and cons of Nutrisystem from my point of view:


  • An affordable alternative to unhealthy fast-food meals
  • Satisfying portions
  • Saves you a lot of time and energy in terms of preparing meals at home
  • Gives a positive/visible result of your weight loss
  • Allows you to save a lot of money and get great deals


  • Temptation to eat outside the meal plan once in a while
  • Difficult to follow the meal plan thoroughly due to a busy work schedule
  • No healthy meal plans specifically made for kids

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